For generations, activists in the United States engaged in struggles for social justice have recognized that a global perspective is essential for analyzing the forces of injustice and devising strategies to overcome them. In almost every case, the social justice issues that demand our attention here are also international in scope.

The US-Africa Network has come together in the belief that there is an urgent need to reinvigorate solidarity work between the US and Africa. Our initial goals are to help activists both old and new to rethink, regroup, and claim a space for activism linking progressive movements in Africa and the US.

US-Africa Network: One Struggle, Many Fronts – Year-end Letter

We All Must Respond to Ebola

Statement by US-Africa Network, September 19, 2014


Empowered Africa: A Progressive Dialogue on Sustainability, Peace and Democracy. Monday, August 4th, Washington, DC. Click here to learn more. Videos.

Empowered Africa in the Washington Post:
August 4 – “Alternative African summit challenges the official one“. See also editorial on August 8

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