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In addition to efforts to promote dialogue on a wide range of issues, the US-Africa Network is also identifying specific areas on which participants have joined in small working groups for more focused strategy analysis and action. These are intended to complement rather than compete with other groups involved on these issues.


In June 2013, the US-Africa Network convened a consultation on “U.S.-Africa Solidarity in the 21st Century” at Kalamazoo, Michigan to consider:

  • What are the highest priority “signature issues” that a national network on Africa in the United States should be focusing on, taking into account what existing groups are doing?
  • In the current context, what proportion of Africa advocacy work should focus on different kinds of targets of action, such as corporations, state and local governments, national government institutions, or others?
  • What are the specific needs that existing groups are not meeting, whether focused on specific issues, countries, U.S. constituencies, or geographic areas in the United States?
  • What new organizational structures may be needed to facilitate ongoing collaborative work to build a strong movement for policy changes benefiting both Africans and Americans?

To consider what are the “signature issues” on which we can have the most impact in the coming several years, the US-Africa Network planned several presentations and discussion including four cluster areas, each of which were led by experts from Africa and the United States with knowledge of both the current significance of the issues and organizing efforts that are underway. For more information and background documents on the consultation, click here.