Video – Who Takes the Heat? Climate Justice & Preserving Our Common Resources

  • Chair: Carol Thompson (USA)
  • Panelists: Heeten Kalan (in USA, from South Africa), Will Lawrence (USA), Andrew Mushita (Zimbabwe)

Specific Questions:

  • There are growing movements in the United States to challenge fossil-fuel and agribusiness companies. However, for the most part, there is little focus on the impact of these industries on oil producing areas in Africa and or on peasant farmers who are losing control of their seed supplies. What messages can we use to expand the perspectives in these U.S.-based campaigns?
  • Industry defenders and many African governments argue that U.S. critics of these industries are ignoring the development needs of African countries. Their arguments are strengthened by the lack of visibility of Africans in these campaigns. What can be done to highlight African voices countering these arguments?

Arrangements for video recording are curtesy of Don Cooney and Basil Clunie