Video – Whose Responsibility to Protect?: Violence and Human Security in Africa and the USA

  • Chair: Elizabeth Schmidt (USA)
  • Panelists: Brenda Mofya (in Ethiopia, from Zambia), Jim Cason (USA)

Specific Questions

  • In every country in the world, people need protection against violence. However, those who are entrusted with protecting people, such as military and police forces, can themselves be perpetrators of violence. How can we promote dialogue between Americans and Africans about solutions to this common issue, despite the multiple differences in context?
  • In theory, all governments should be willing and able to protect their own people. However, when extreme violations of human rights have occurred and governments fail to protect, outsiders may feel compelled to intervene. When this happens, how can the international community (including not only major powers and the UN, but also neighboring countries and African multilateral agencies) ensure that their actions promote greater security rather than make conflicts worse?

Arrangements for video recording are curtesy of Don Cooney and Basil Clunie