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The US-Africa Network is governed by a Coordinating Committee which meets regularly by conference call. In addition to the Coordinating Committee, the USAN has two functional committees and two issue working groups.

The Finance, Fundraising, Personnel Committee is responsible for for preparing and approving the budget, producing a financial report for stakeholders, and reviewing all policies related to personnel and compensation. This Committee is also responsible for fundraising and grants development.

The Communications Committee is responsible for all aspects of external communication, ensuring that targeted audiences receive relevant communications and updates from the US-Africa Network.  The US-Africa Network’s online presence (Twitter and Facebook) is managed by this group, in coordination with the issue working groups.

The topic and general scope of a working group is determined during in-person consultations. These working groups are an effort to gather and channel the many strengths of activists and scholars with substantial experience in US-Africa solidarity work. The structured framework is an opportunity to collaborate and give meaningful roles for each stakeholder to create knowledge and to act.

The two initial issue working groups are the Climate Justice Working Group and the Human Security and Anti-Militarism Working Group. As of fall 2013, the Climate Justice Working Group has started a program of public activities, while the Human Security and Anti-Militarism Working Group is engaged on internal discussion to determine focus and strategies.

The US-Africa Network has also included a Support Committee, which is made up of supporters of the US-Africa Network who provide occasional advice and assistance for Network activities. The organization of the Kalamazoo Consultation was also assisted by an organizing committee.