One Struggle, Many Fronts: US-Africa Environmental Justice Tour


Between March 20 and April 3, the US-Africa Network will be leading a speaking tour in Detroit, Chicago, Louisville, Atlanta, Washington DC, Oakland, and Berkeley. We have multiple events planned in each city. Some of our event hosts are long-time African solidarity activists. Others are community environmental justice groups. And others are student fossil fuel divestment activists. Each event is tailored to its local audience, and many local activists will be included as speakers.

One Struggle, Many Fronts will build bridges. The tour will inspire US environmental activists to think about African struggles. It will inspire African solidarity activists to think about environmental justice. It will build real connections between these groups and African environmental justice organizations. Finally, it will strengthen the US-Africa Network for future projects. This is just the beginning.

The US-Africa Network is a volunteer-driven organization. We are always looking for more people to join us! All are welcome. Sign up here to get involved or email usan.climatejustice [at]

USAN Tour Schedule